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GT / PV - How to force the inverter into operating without having to wait for the 5 minute count down.

When the inverter starts up, it has to check the grid voltage / array voltage to make sure that it is stable (5 minutes) before begin production. (power tracking)

Product Line:
PV and GT Series


The 5 minutes is the industry standard (UL1741).

For troubleshooting purposes, you can make the inverter startup quicker by going into the settable parameters at the display. If the inverter display that had a keypad then do the following:
1. Turn the ON\OFF switch to OFF position.
2. Press the Menu button on the keypad.
3. Press the enter button (display will show that it required the password).
4. Enter the password 594 then press the enter button once.
5. Press the up arrow button until you see PV T Start.
6. Its value should be 300 seconds or 5 minutes. Press the enter button and enter 20 then press enter again to accept\confirm the new setting.
7. Press the up arrow once and down arrow once to verify that the setting is now 20 second.
8. Press the Menu button to get out of the settable parameters screen.
9. Startup the inverter by turn the ON\OFF switch to ON position.
10. Once the inverter is running and you are done with the troubleshooting then go back and change it back to 300.
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