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How to troubleshoot fault 0018 AC contactor tripped\opened on GT500-480?

The inverter tripped on 0018 and can not be clear with pressing F1 button.

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Lightning, Utility works


The inverter AC masterpact has a build-in trip unit to protect it from surges. If there is something going on with the grid for example, the trip unit could possibly trip and open up the AC masterpact to prevent damages to the inverter. There are two cabinets (the left is the AC cabinet and the right is the inverter cabinet). Go to the left cabinet and open a little door (1 x1 feet) and check the reset button. If the reset button tripped, you will feel a click when you pressed it inward. After that, go to the display and press the F1 button. If the fault clear then you can start up the inverter. If it does not then call 866-519-1470 and select option 3 & 3 for further assistance.
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