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What can cause a ground fault on an inverter?

Customer monitored remotely and saw a fault 0033, ground fault on GT series inverter.

Product Line:
GT Series


Grid, array or inverter

If the ground fault fuse did not blow and the inverter can be cleared by pressing the F1 button, the issue is with the grid. 
If the ground fault fuse did not blow, but the fault can not be cleared with the F1 button, it might be the micro switch or the fuse holder.
If the ground fault fuse is blown, it can either be the array or the inverter. 
    -  Check the array for shorts. If the array issue is resolved, but the ground fault fuse keeps blowing, you need to verify if the machine stops after the DC contactor closes or after the AC contactor closes.
    - Call 866-519-1470 and select option 3 & 3 for further assistance.
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