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What is the replacement catalog number for the back panel and top panel for a EX112T3H transformer?

What are the repair parts for the Enclosure of the EX112T3H transformer?

Product Line:

EX Three Phase General Purpose Dry Type 600 Volts and Below

Transformer enclosure was damaged, replacement enclosure needed.

The EX112T3H has the 21K enclosure. The Enclosure replacement parts are as follows ( refer to EX Low Voltage Transformer, Catalog 7400CT1501). 
Top Cover: NHA52142
Side Panel: NHA52134
Front panel with labels: NHA52143
Rear Cover: NHA52144
Rear Shield: NHA52145
Core Leg: NHA52133
Base Assembly: NHA52091
When ordering front cover with labels, Catalog No., Series No., and Date Code in Engineering Notes must be supplied.  (see Figure 4 found on page 5 of the 7400CT1501 Catalog for location information on Nameplate - attached). Serial number may also be obtained from Core and Coils. 
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