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When AMS is used, does it matter whether the I2t short-time delay tsd dial is set to ON or OFF?

The AMS instructions document 80298-171-01 states "do not use short-time delay I2t "ON" breaker trip-unit setting with an AMS switch." Will AMS even work when the trip unit tsd Short Time Delay Dial is in the ON position? Does it really have to be in the OFF position?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NT and NW, Powerpact P and R Circuit Breakers with Micrologic Trip Units with adjustable Short Time Delay tsd dial, with AMS switch

For the AMS function, it does not matter whether the trip unit Short Time Delay tsd dial is in the ON or OFF position. AMS will perform its function regardless of whether tsd is ON or OFF.
NOTE: The statement in above referenced document 80298-171-01 dated 09/2014 and earlier is outdated, plans will be made to update the document.
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