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Why is the inverter making negative power on a PV 100\225 inverter?

The inverter has no faults and the inverter seems to be running, but it is making negative power.

Product Line:
PV100\225, PV100S\225S


DC contactor not closing

When you start up the inverter, listen and see if the DC contactor closes or not. The DC contactor is located on the right hand side of the main inverter cabinet. These legacy systems do not have a feedback to monitor the closure of the AC or DC contactor. It send a command for the contactor to close, but if the contactor does not close. The system simply assumes that it closed. In this case, the AC contactor closes and the system is using AC power instead of making power from the array. Call 866-519-1470 and select option 3 and 3 to confirm and to open a case.
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