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What is the flame rating or fire rating of circuit breakers?

Do circuit breakers have a flame or fire rating? Can they be exposed to flames, and still used afterwards?

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Circuit Breakers

Products sold and installed in the US and Canada

Circuit breakers themselves do not have a specific flame rating or fire rating per se. They do, however, have a temperature range for storage and operation (carrying load). If a circuit breaker is exposed to flames, the temperature would be far above that of the storage or operating range, and the breaker should be replaced.

For the latest information on the temperature range rating of specific breakers, see the applicable catalog section online as shown below. These can be found on the Schneider Electric website, in the US Download Center, and the Canada Download Center.
QO and HOM - document 0730CT9801
Powerpact Q - document 0734CT0201
Powerpact H, J, L - document 0611CT1001
Powerpact M, P, R - document 0612CT0101
Masterpact NT, NW - document 0613CT0001
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