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Video: How does the EIK1 or EIK2 electrical interlock kit install into the appropriate safety switches?

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Safety Switches
Electrical Interlock Kits
The electrical interlock kits EIK1 and EIK2 are ONLY designed to be used with the below Series F Safety Switches:
1) 100-200amp, General Duty, Series F, Fusible and Non-fusible
2) 60amp, 240Vac, Heavy Duty, Series F1 or F3, Fusible and Non-fusible
3) 60amp, 600Vac, Heavy Duty, Series F1, F3, F5 or F6, Fusible and Non-fusible
4) 100-200amp, Heavy Duty, Series F5-F6, both 240Vac and 600Vac, Fusible and Non-fusible
5) 30-100amp Heavy Duty Receptacle Switches, Series F5-F7, 600Vac, Fusible and Non-fusible
6) 30-200amp, Heavy Duty, 4 and 6 pole, Series F5-F6, 600Vac, Fusible and Non-fusible
7) 30-100amp, Double Throw, Series F, 240Vac and 600Vac, Fusible and Non-Fusible

The attached video is ONLY to supplement the INSTRUCTIONS that come with the kit. PLEASE make sure to read the instructions and all the below Safety Information that is located in the instructions BEFORE working on any electrical equipment.

A PDF copy of the complete instructions is attached below the video.

Make sure to turn OFF ALL Power supplying the equipment and verify the power is OFF using a properly rated voltage sensing device, BEFORE working on or with electrical equipment. 
Once all Safety steps are followed, begin the kit installation by following the steps in the instructions.

These steps 1-10 are for mounting in any of the 30 to 100amp safety switches:
1) Make sure all power SUPPLYING the switch is turned off.
2) Place the end of the interlock pivot arm (A, Figure 1) into the opening on the mechanism(B, Figure 1) and Rotate the interlock (C, Figure 1) with the Snap switch and insulator(D, Figure 1) toward the back of the switch enclosure.
3) Hook the notch of the interlock frame (E, figure 2) under the tab on the mechanism housing (F, figure 2) and the Square Hole in the interlock frame should fit over the Square post on the mechanism housing (Figure 2).
4) Push the interlock assembly down onto the mechanism housing making sure the interlock frame sits flat against the back of the enclosure and the mounting hole of the interlock frame (G, Figure 3) lines up with the mounting hole in the enclosure.
NOTE: The interlock assembly should fit tightly against the mechanism housing as shown in Figure 2 
5) If the enclosure does not contain a mounting hole, use the mounting hole in the interlock frame(G) as a template to mark the location and drill a 11/64 inch (4.32mm)(no. 17) hole into the enclosure.
6) Secure and ground the interlock assembly with the self tapping mounting screw (H, figure 3) and torque the screw to 30 lb-in (3.4 N-m). 
7) Affix the contact rating label inside the switch enclosure near the interlock assembly.
8) Wire the control circuit to the Electrical interlock switch and make sure to route the control wires so they don't interfere with the switch operation.
9) Turn the switch operating handle to ON and OFF positions to verify proper operation. The switch should close and open normally.
10) Follow the step #9 in the instructions to re-energize the switch.

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