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Power Monitoring Expert 8.x - Web Application Reports: An unexpected Error has occurred


While attempting to run reports via the Web Applications on a PME system, an error is returned with the following details: 
"An unexpected error has occurred.
Your request cannot be processed at this time. If the problem persists, contact the Webpage administrator."

The system log events within Management Console show an error within "Web Reporter" as shown in the screenshot below. The description points to an error within the XML document:

"There is an error in XML document"

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x

PME Web Application Report 


This error is caused by an invalid ‘XML’ character in the description field of one of the meters as highlighted in the screenshot below. The content below is copied from ION_Network dbo.Device table description column and pasted into Notepad++ so the invalid characters are visible. Some reports use the device name and/or description fields and therefore report generation functionality is affected.


Verify that there are no invalid XML characters in the description field of any of the devices in Management Console as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: The invalid XML character will appear as 'space' in the text field within Management console as highlighted below.

Once the space is removed from Management console, the report generates without any error.

Note: This behavior has been corrected in PME 8.2 to not allow invalid characters be used.  It is possible invalid characters may be present in prior versions and still present after a upgrade.

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