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How Do I Derate The Output Power of The Conext CL

The output power of the Conext CL unit needs to be reduced to accommodate any utility restrictions or another limiting factor

Conext CL units being configured in the field.

Product Line:

Some units in the field need to have their output power lowered by the installers due to restrictions in the area.  The Owner's Manual for the unit may not be available in all situations.

To adjust the active power, use the following steps to get to the correct menu:
Home Button -> Settings -> Power Control -> Active Power -> Power Limit

To change the rating, find the percentage of de-rating depending on the output power of the inverter itself.  For example, to de-rate the 25kW unit to 23kW, the percentage is 92%.  Select Set Point (%) to the appropriate percentage, and the Set Point (kW) will follow that change as well.  Set Point (kW) cannot be changed directly.
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