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Video: How to reset a Powerpact Q Frame circuit breaker, type QB, QD, QG, QL

If you have one of the below breakers that you cannot reset, and it seems that something is wrong with it, then please read continue reading.

Product Line:
This information applies specifically to Powerpact QB, QD, QG and QL circuit breakers
See the picture below to help determine if this FAQ applies to your breaker.


If a QB, QD, QG or QJ breaker has tripped, it must first be reset before it can be closed ("reset" means the breaker handle must be pushed from the TRIPPED or center position to the OFF position).
During the reset process, mechanical parts inside the breaker are being moved, PLUS very strong trip springs are being compressed. So as you reset the breaker, the force you feel on the handle as you are pushing is the strong force of those springs being compressed. Almost all breakers operate in this manner, and the problem is accentuated if the breaker is not securely mounted.

The reason the QB, QD, QG and QJ breakers seem more difficult to reset is mainly because of the intentionally shorter handle, which is done to avoid interference with panel doors, and the approximately 35 pounds of force required to compress the spring. If the breaker seems like it won't reset, use both thumbs and press harder on the handle, until the handle touches the breaker case in the OFF position, as shown in the video. You will hear a "click" when it resets. You can now close the breaker.
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