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New data for some measurements is not being uploaded in PME, after replacing a meter with a different device type,

Data for any measurements logged by the PM8000 that had also been logged by the CM4000 are not being processed properly. The follow errors are seen in the ION_SystemLog:

Timestamp: 9/9/2016 1:57:37.387 PM
Priority: WARNING
Category: Computer Configuration
Description: Unable to process records for Recorder 0x809@TEST.SWAPOUT. Class ID has not been retrieved for 0x9c01301@TEST.SWAPOUT.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.2, 8.0, 8.1

Meter Replacement

In this particular example, 0x9c01301 is an ION handle from the old CM4000 and does not exist on the new PM8000. This error prevents the log inserter from processing any inputs to the Data Recorder on the PM8000 with ION handle 0x809.

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*

It is possible to physically replace a meter with a meter of a different device type, such as replacing a CM4000 with a PM8000. In order to stop the error above and allow the Log Inserter to properly process the PM8000 data, entries in the IAS_MeasurementAddress table in ION_Network that reference this SourceID must be deleted.

Recommended procedure for meter swap outs:
After the device has been physically swapped out, prior to changing the device type in the Management Console.

Note: This example will use an ION7650 and all red text will need to be replaced by the given scenario's information.
  1. Stop all the ION Services
  2. Run the following queries to remove IAS_MeasurementAddress entries for the device(s) in question. 
    1. Find the SourceID. Fill in the device name in the Group.Name format for the device you have swapped out as displayed in the Management Console (NOT the System Name).
USE ION_Network
SELECT SourceID FROM SRC_Source WHERE DisplayName = 'Group1.ION7650'

For Example:

The following queries will use 6 as an example SourceID, but it needs to be replaced the device's SourceID.
  1. It is recommended that a SELECT query be run prior to running the DELETE query to verify that the rows being deleted are the ones that should be deleted. Use the SourceID from the previous step
USE ION_Network
SELECT * FROM IAS_MeasurementAddress WHERE SourceID = 6
  1. Run the delete query using the SourceID from Step 2.a.
USE ION_Network
DELETE FROM IAS_MeasurementAddress WHERE SourceID = 6
  1. Change the device type in the Management Console.
  2. Start the ION services.

Note: When configuring a Data Log viewer in Vista, you will still see all the old data recorders associated with the old device. This may be OK if you want to see old data that was logged by the old device and is not being logged by the new device.

This problem has been addressed in the PME 8.2 release such that no manual database manipulation is required.

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