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How to run the inverter when one of the matrices might have an issue?

Ground fault fuse blown, fault 0033.

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One of the matrices might have a short.

You need to isolate the matrices to see which one is bad.
Step 1. Turn the inverter ON\OFF switch to Off.
Step 2. Hit the menu button and then hit enter. It will ask for a password. Type in 594 and hit enter. Press the up arrow button on the keypad until the display shows I PPT Max %. Once there, hit the enter button and type in 50 instead of 100. Then press enter. Press the up arrow button once and then the down arrow once to confirm the I PPT Max % is in fact 50.
Step 3. Remove the DC input cables to the cap bank (left matrix) and all 6 orange cables from the left matrix. Tie wrap these cables so that they do not touch each other or anything on the inverter.
Step 4. Run the inverter by turning the ON\OFF switch to ON.
Step 5. If the ground fault fuse is blown, replace the fuse and put all the cables back on the left matrix. Repeat this process on the right matrix. If the ground fault fuse is not blown then it is possible that the left matrix or the left inductors have an issue.
Step 6. Call 866-519-1470 selection option 3 and 3 and open a new case. Tell the technical support person what you have checked so far.
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