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Does SquareD/Schneider Electric offer a 3 phase Transformer with a 120/240, 3 phase 4 wire secondary?

How do you calculate the KVA rating for a 3 phase Transformer with a 240V secondary with a 120V center tap?

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SquareD/Schneider Electric offers a Transformer with a 240V delta secondary with a 120V center tap.
However, the Single phase load is restricted 5% of the KVA rating.
Example: 25KVA transformer will only support 1.25KVA of 120V load.
To determine the transformer size, you will need to know the total ampere rating required for the 120V load. 
Multiply the 120V FLA by 120V and then divide by .05 to get the total KVA rating required for the application.
Ex: 10FLA x 120V = 1200VA/.05 = 24,000 or 24KVA
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