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How Does the MPPT 80 Check For A Ground Fault?

How does the MPPT 80 with a floating array check for a ground fault.

Product Line:
MPPT 80 600

MPPT 80 in use with electronics that may possibly block internal test currents for ground fault detection.

To avoid tripping the ground fault alarm, the method of ground fault detection needs to be known.  Some sensitive electronics may interfere or block the signals causing a ground fault alarm.

For a floating array, the MPPT80 uses a wheatstone bridge to look for imbalance between PV- and PV+ to ground. 450kohms or less of impedance from PV- or PV+ to ground are enough to unbalance the bridge and cause a ground fault error signal.

Impedance of the bridge circuit is about 1.6Mohm.

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