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Monitoring PWR on EtherCAT

Can PWR Status be monitored over EtherCAT?

Product Line:
Altivar drives

There is no address for Logic input of Power removal to monitor. But you can check this HMIS register ( CANopen address Index: 16#2002, SubIndex:29 ).

If the value of this register is equal to 12, means that the  Power removal is activated.

FYI. If at first the drive is in nLp ( no power, only external 24V). The HMIS=11 "nLP", but then if the power removal is activated, HMIS=12 "PrA". PrA has the priority compared to "nLP".
Then if drive trips in fault. HMIS will be equal to 23 "FLt". FLt has the priority compared to "PrA".
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