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What does fault code 0010 mean in XC inverters?

Unit keeps faulting on 0010, AC switch responds and the AC masterpact would not close.

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It could be the wago loose 48VDC power supply is bad, and the orange reset button was tripped

Due to the various tolerances in the wago connector during the manufacturing, it is possible that it will become loose when the AC masterpact closes and opens during the course of the day. Make sure to check this and call 866-519-1470 (option 3 & 3). Ask for the wago hold down kit.

The AC masterpact\breaker is closed by the 48VDC power supply (G1) located at the top of the AC cabinet (left most door). If the LED on the 48VDC power supply is not lit or there is no 48 VDC at its output, you need to call into our Schneider technical support line to open a new case. 866-519-1470 (option 3 & 3).

If there was some sort of grid related event, this sometimes can cause major interference which can cause the masterpact GFDI (orange reset button) to trip. Reset the button and start the inverter again.

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