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PowerLogic ION7550/7650 and PM8000 FFT on sub-harmonic frequencies

The customer would like to know if ION7550/7650 or PM8000 meters are capable of performing an FFT on sub-harmonic frequencies.

Product Line
PowerLogic ION 7550/7650 and PM8000 series meters

Intermediate/Advanced Metering

Requires data as part of harmonics distortion and power quality monitoring of the system.

The PM8000 series meter cannot perform an FFT on sub-harmonic frequencies. On the other hand, the ION 7550/7650 (not officially stated in the meter's datasheet), may perform an FFT on sub-harmonic frequencies from a range of 7.5 Hz - 52.5 Hz for a nominal frequency of 60Hz. 
When the module is operating in inter-harmonics mode, the 'magnitude' measurement identifies the signal component between the (n-1) and (nth) harmonic.
For example, Magnitude 2 specifies the inter-harmonic band between the fundamental frequency and the 2nd harmonic frequency. Thus, 'Magnitude 1' may be used for sub-harmonics.

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