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Is it possible to read the serial number of a motor connected to a Lexium 32 drive via fieldbus ?

Yes, the serial number of the motor that is connected to the Lexium 32 drive can be read via the fieldbus master.

The serial number is separated into five sections which can be read via the addressing seen below.

Motor Serial Number addressing

Motor Serial Number Addressing
Intern                    Modbus                      CAN                      EIP
13.27                     3382                       300D:1Bh             113.1.27
13.28                     3384                       300D:1Ch             113.1.28
13.29                     3386                       300D:1Dh             113.1.29
13.30                     3388                       300D:1Eh             113.1.30
13.31                     3390                       300D:1Fh             113.1.31

The values are ASCII values. You need to convert the number to HEX, then you can read the ASCII signs.

Rev 3-12-18
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