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Can I power an SSI encoder without the TM5SE1SC10005 card?

The TM5SE1SC10005 card can only output 5V. Can I power a 24V SSI encoder externally and still use it with this card?

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Modicon TM5


Difference in TM5SE1SC10005 card output voltage and required SSI encoder voltage.

An SSI encoder can also be powered by an external power supply, not only by the output voltage of the TM5SE1SC10005 card.
It is not a problem to read the encoder data, because it uses differentials input level, so it's not related to a 0V. 
You can use another power supply, connecting the 24V pin and 0V pin to the encoder but all power supplies (the one for the M258 and the one used for the encoder) need to be connected to the same earth and the same shield. 
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