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Video: How do I use the Motor Data Calclulator app?

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The Schneider Electric Motor Data Calculator app is available for Android and iOS devices in their respective app stores. The motor data calculator app is split into 3 modules:
  1. Motor Data (available for low voltage Three phase and Single phase applications) - Based on HP and Line voltage you will see approximate ratings for motor FLA and wire size as well as component sizes for Starters, contactors, breakers and fuses both for Enclosed devices as well and open style in both NEMA and IEC
  2. Wire Data - From 14AWG to 500MCM wire sizes will show Ampacity values as well as conduit size and number of conductors per conduit based on the NFPA 70 ANNEX C Table C.1
  3. Transformer Data - Dry type transformer ampacity ratings are provided for both single phase and three phase transformers up to 600VAC
Please see below video for quick reference.

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