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Difference Between 2510K Switches

What is the difference between the 2510K Switches?
Specifically the difference between the 2510KO1 and 2510KO5, and the difference between the 2510KO2 and 2510KO6.

Product Line:
2510 Manual motor switches - GIC Product

US Product

Product Selection

The difference between the switches is their method of operation, number of poles, and their hp ratings:

2510KO1 - 2 pole toggle switch
2510KO2 - 3 pole toggle switch
2510KO5 - 2 pole toggle switch
2510KO6 - 3 pole toggle switch
2510KO3 - 2 pole key switch
2510KO4 - 3 pole key switch

2510KO1 - 2hp at 230V
2510KO2 - 10hp at 460V
2510KO5 - 3hp at 230V
2510KO6 - 15hp at 460V
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