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Can a SDSA1175 be used on a 120 V, 1-phase, 2-wire application?

SDSA1175 LED will not light illuminate when applied on a 120 V, 1-phase, 2-wire application?

Product Line:
Surge Protector


single phase application

The SDSA1175 is configured to be used on a 120/240 V, 1-phase, 3-wire system. Applying this device on a 120 V 1-phase 2-wire application will not work properly because the indicating LED will not be functional. The SDSA1175 needs to have 208 Vac-240 Vac between both black leads in order to function properly. For 2-wire applications the correct device that should be used is the SDSA1175T.

Two SDSA1175 units may be installed to provide suppression on 208Y/120 Vac three-phase, four-wire services. Systems must be solidly grounded. Do not use the SDSA1175 on ungrounded systems.

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