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Video: How do you change the coil on a NEMA type S starter and change from common control to separate control?

Is there an instruction guide to changing the coil on a NEMA starter?

Product Line:
NEMA Type S starters


  1. Remove all live power to the controller.
  2. Remove the wires from the coil terminals.
  3. Remove start cover plate screws and cover plate.
  4. Pull coil straight up (this will also remove the armature and magenet assemblies from the power plant.  These will be re-installed in the same manner).
  5. Re-install armature and magnet assembly from step 4 above.
  6. Insert completed assembly back into power plant and re-install cover plate and previously removed wiring per your wiring diagram.
Optional: For converting from common control to separate control, Remove factory installed wire (wire will be red in color) from L2 and overload relay contact (COM)

Note: Tighten all screws to recommended torque settings found on the corresponding instruction bulletins. (size 1 bulletin attached for reference).
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