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Video: How do you install thermal units and auxiliary contacts to a NEMA Type S starter?

Are there instructions on installing a melting alloy thermal unit or auxiliary contacts to a NEMA size 1 starter?

Product Line:
NEMA starters, Type S starters, Size 00-2, 8536SAO, 8536SBO, 8536SCO, 8536SDO


For thermal units:
  1. Remove all power from the controller;
  2. Hold the thermal unit so the ratchet / geared wheel is to the left.  Also,  have the part number on the unit  facing the installer
  3. Insert the thermal unit in the overload block so the pawl arm / lever sits on top of the ratchet wheel;
  4. With the lever above the wheel, insert and tighten both mounting screws;
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each of the themal units to be installed;
  6. When all thermal units (or jumper straps for single phase applications) are installed, the installer should firmly press the reset button / bar.  A ratcheting noise should be heard and the pawl lever should be moved into the normal / untripped position.
For Auxiliary contacts:
  1. Remove all power from the controller;
  2. Remove auxliary contacts from package. Assemble contact block to mounting plate by sliding contact onto tab on mounting plate and affixing with 1 supplied screw
  3. Position the operating lever so that it engages the movable-contact carrier of the contactor, If necessary, remove the operating lever and rotate it 180° to properly engage the contact carrier. This allows the installation of any single-circuit auxiliary contact in any one of the four available positions.
  4. Use two provided screws to secure the auxiliary contact mounting bracket to the contactor baseplate.
  5. Before placing the contactor or starter into service, manually operateits contact carrier to ensure that the contacts of the auxiliary unit operate properly and that its operating lever is properly engaged with the contact carrier.
Note: Tighten all screws per the recommended settings in the attached instruction bulletins.
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