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When does the jumper need to be installed between RC and RH on the Wiser Air back plate?

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Wiser Air thermostat
Take a picture of the wires coming out of the wall for reference before installing. Wires going to the "RH," "RC," or "R" terminals (usually red) are the hot wire from the transformer on the heating or cooling equipment. The R terminal energizes the other terminals depending on what mode the thermostat is in or whether the thermostat is calling for heating or cooling. If you notice a short jumper wire between RH and RC terminal, you will need to leave the jumper installed on the Wiser Air back plate located in the lower right hand corner ( no jumper wire required).  In most cases, the heating and cooling system share a single transformer. The only time this jumper would be removed is if the heating and cooling systems have their own transformer. For instance, if the previous install has a wire going to RH and RC with no jumper then the jumper on Wiser Air should be removed.

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