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S-Flex (ATV212) ramping motor up to 60 Hz, not following analog input.

S-Flex (ATV212)  ramping motor up to 60 Hz, not following analog input.

Product Line:
S-Flex enclosed drive
ATV212, Altivar 212
ATV21, Altivar 21

All part numbers, all models

Not operating as expected

1) Verified FnOd is set properly (1 for VIA, 2 for VIB, 3 for HMI, 4 for Serial Communication).
2) Check logic input programming to be sure a preset speed command is not present (F108, F110, F111, F112, F113)
3) Make sure F360 (PID Control enable) is set to 0 if not using PID in the drive.
4) If using PID control, check feedback signal and setpoint.

Consult ATV212 programming manual for details.
Found F360 was set to 1 so the drive was in PID mode but had no feedback signal.
Turned F360 to 0 and the drive operated properly.
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