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What is the ATV320 response time over Modbus TCP/IP?

What is the response time of the ATV320?
Can it accept a Modbus TCP/IP command every 5 msec?
What is the fastest update rate it can accept?
What is the response if the rate is too fast? Does it fault? Does it ignore the early commands?
Assuming it can handle the communications, how fast can the ATV320 respond to the command and
get the new frequency to the motor?
Will the ATV340 offer any improved response times in reference to the questions above?
Do we have any competitive data on any Rockwell drives in reference to the response times
Based on my quick calculations it appears every 5msec is about another 1/2 inch of package

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Modbus TCP/IP


Here is the response from France:
I made the test on Ethernet with ATV320 and both PLC with M580 and also M340.
The best response time is 10ms. you will find a test report on file attached.
For ATV340 normally should be better but I don't have any idea about response time because it stills under development.

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