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How to connect an ATS48 to SoMove?

How to connect an ATS48 to SoMove?

Product Line:
Altistart 48

All product versions, all part numbers

Default format for ModBus communication on the ATS48 is 8 bits, No parity, and 1 stop bit.
SoMove default (and all other drive and softstart products) is Even Parity


By default, in the ATS48, the parity is set to “none” (“FOr” parameter = 8n1) and in SoMove the parity is set to “even” (8E1).
It means that you have to edit the communication parameters in the ATS48 (“COP” menu "FOr” to 8E1 then restart the ATS48) or change in SoMove the parity to “none” (see screenshot below).
Note that, changing the FOr parameter in the COP menu will prevent the remote keypad from communicating.  It requires No parity.

Another option would be to check the Auto-Adaptation box in the Link Parameters section.  This will allow SoMove to try all possible combinations of Baudrate, Format, Stop Bits, and Com ports.  
This may take quite a while to complete.

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