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What are the different standard key options for 22mm operators?

Do we have other key type aside from Ronis key 455?

Product Line:
22mm Operators- GIC Product
XB4/ZB4 and XB5/ZB5

US Product

Product Selection and need to know if there are separate part number for it.

The standard key for a 22mm operator is a Ronis 455.  To order an operator with a different key, append the following suffixes to the part number:

12 - Ronis key 421E 
10 - Ronis key 458A
14 - Ronis key 520E
20 - Ronis key 3131A
D - Ronis key 8D1

Note that not every suffix is available for every operator - check pricing system for availability of specific parts

Separate part numbers:

Ronis key 421E - ZBG421E
Ronis key 458A - ZBG458A
Ronis key 520E - ZBG520E
Ronis key 3131A - ZBG3131A
Ronis key 8D1 - ZBD8D1
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