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Which Lithium Ion batteries are suitable for Conext SW/XW+ battery based inverters?

The Conext SW/XW+ battery based inverters support out of the box ONLY LiOn batteries which are direct replacements for lead acid batteries. 
Examples of LiOn batteries which are direct replacements for lead acid batteries include SimpliPhi Power (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate - LFP), Ojai Energy Systems, GSB and Lithionics
The Conext SW/XW+ battery setting LiOn is applicable for these batteries.

Other LiOn batteries which require their own BMS to monitor each individual battery cell in real time are NOT supported out of the box. The LiOn batteries BMS will need to be capable and programmed by the installer to communicate back to the Conext SW/XW+ to the Conext ComBox through the RS-485 Modbus connection. The ComBox shall keep a translation table between Xanbus ID's and Modbus addresses. The installer will need to develop their own Modbus scripts to communicate with the Conext SW/XW+

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Conext Battery Monitor is not suitable for Lithium Ion batteries as noted in the installation manual. 

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