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How to fix left or right matrix gate fault 3F50 or 3F51?

Inverter faulted on 3F50 or 3F51 and will not clear

Product Line:
GT100-480 and GT250-480


The fiber optic core could be dirty, the F1 or F2 3A fuse could be bad.

Note: The work instruction provided is meant for those who is qualified to work on the inverter. It means that they should know how to properly Locked out and Tagged Out (LOTO) the inverter...,etc.

First, check to see if the F1 or F2 3A fuses on the harness cable from driver board to CCU is bad. The inline fuse is connected to the CCU board on J7 pin 3 for GT100-480. On the GT250-480 are connected to pin3 and pin 1 at J7.If the fuse is bad replace it will fix this issue.
If the fuses are good then try to clean the fiber using a clean cloth. Remove one cable at a time and clean the tip of the cable. If cleaning all the fiber connection at the CCU board and driver board does not help then call into 866-519-1470 select option 3 and 3 to open a new case.

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