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XW AGS turns off generator after 30 seconds

XW AGS HOME screen will display the GENERATOR OFF REASON of the trigger that caused the generator to stop (generator must have stopped after being started automatically). If the generator starts due to start trigger and stops after approx. 30 seconds, check the HOME screen of the SCP or Gen Status screen of Combox to verify the GENERATOR OFF reason. If it states OFF REASON is "AC GOOD", it is likely due to having the generator AC input supplying AC1, which is designed for GRID input (Association/Connection Grid1 by default). By moving the generator input to AC2, the generator will not stop due to "AC GOOD" because AC2 is associated with Gen1 by default. There have been rare instances where the generator shuts off due to "AC GOOD" when AC2 is being supplied with generator voltage and Association is actually "Generator#". This may be corrected by restoring the AGS to factory defaults and reconfigure.
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