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How to troubleshoot fault 0016 DC switch failure on a GT500-480\600?

Inverter faulted on 0016, DC switch failure.

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CB7 or CB8 tripped. 48VDC power supply is bad

Note: The work instruction provided is meant for those who are qualified to work on the inverter. This means that they should know how to properly Lock out and Tag Out (LOTO) the inverter...,etc.

CB7 is the circuit breaker for the PS1 48VDC power supply. The PS1 provides power to SSR1 & SSR2 (controls CB1 close and open). It also provides power to SSR3 & SSR4 (controls K2\S1 close and open). So if the DC contactor is not open, it is either the DC contactor that is bad or there isn't 48VDC. This means either the PS1 is bad or CB7 is tripped.

Check the connector P2 at the CCU board for a loose connection. Also check CB8 to see if it is tripped or not. CB8 provides 15VDC for the digital input of P2 at the CCU board. If this is tripped, it could fault on 0016.
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