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What is the part number of the power converter in the M-FLEX enclosed packages?

What is the part number of the power converter in the MFLEX enclosed packages?
Product Line:
M-FLEX enclosed products
All serial numbers
AVAIL. = Available as of this date    
*FS= Parts are only available from Field Services and require FS installation.
NR = Not replacable      
Obs = Obsolete no longer available    
Helpful Links      
The drive MAY be repairable even if parts are no longer available for sale.  Contact Schneider Electric Industrial Repair Service (SEIRS) at 800-950-9550
Contact your local Schneider Electric distributor for a replacement drive. (search here)
New!  Try our Drive and SoftStart selection tool for self selection (open style devices)
Technical Support for AC drives and soft starters: 888-SQUARED (888-778-2733) select option 1 for Technical Support and then option 4 for AC Drives and Softstarts.
Technical Support is available from 8am EST to 8pm EST M-F and 24 hours a day for EMERGENCIES.
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