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Why is my display screen blank?

No display\blank screen on GT100 or GT250

Product Line:
GT100 & GT250


Possible cause, F7, F8, F18, F19

Note: The work instruction provided is meant for those who are qualified to work on the inverter. This means that they should know how to properly Lock out and Tag Out (LOTO) the inverter...,etc.

The display gets its' 15 volts from the CCU board through F8 and F7. These are 1A fuses, 600VAC Midget. Check these fuses and if they are blown, replace them. If they have been replaced and you get 15 volts at pins 6 & 8 on the display's 8 pin-connector, but still nothing shows up on the display, call 866-519-1470 (select option 3 & 3) to open a new case.

If you replaced these fuses and still don't have 15 volts, then check to see if there is light on the CCU board. F18 & F19 are inline with the step down transformer, which provide 24 VAC to the CCU board. If fuses 18 & 19 are blown, then no power will be received at the CCU board, which means no power to the display. F18 & F19 are 2A fuses, 600VAC, FNQ-R-2.
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