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How do I fix a Matrix Over Temp fault (0060 or 0061) on my GTxxx inverter?

Inverter faulted on matrix over temperature

Product Line:

GT100, GT250, GT500

A fault code of 0060 or 0061 indicates that the left or right matrix sensed a temperature that exceeded the allowable value.

Note:  The work instruction provided is meant for those who is qualified to work on the inverter. It means that they should know how to properly Locked out and Tagged Out (LOTO) the inverter..., etc.

Each matrix uses a heatsink to passively remove heat and uses a fan to actively cool the heatsink temperature. If the heatsink is covered in dirt or grime, it should be cleaned by a qualified person, either during a preventive maintenance or a purposely scheduled site visit.

If the inverter is in an area that may encounter blowing debris, such as plastic bags, items can get sucked into the fan or block the air intake and prevents the fan from properly cooling the inverter. To help prevent large debris from getting inside the unit, a wire mesh option can be purchased. For more information, please call 1-866-519-1470 and select the option for 3 phase technical support.

If there is no blockage in the fans or dirty heatsinks, please contact technical support for additional assistance.
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