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How to reset a comm error?

Comm error on GTxxx series inverters

Product Line:
GTxxx series of inverters


Possibly caused by front panel display boot up before the CCU board

Note: The work instruction provided is meant for those who are qualified to work on the inverter. This means that they should know how to properly Lock out and Tag Out (LOTO) the inverter...,etc.

This error is a communication error between the CCU board and the display panel. Sometimes the display is able to boot up before the CCU board, so when it tries to talk to the CCU, the CCU board is not ready and a comm error occurs. To fix this, turn the enable\disable switch to disable or off. Remove the power cable (green connector) from the display and turn on the AC. Then wait for one minute so that the CCU is fully booted up. After the CCU boots up, connect the green connector into the display. That should fix the comm error. If it does not, check the green connector and make sure all wires and cables are tightly secured. If everything is fine and the issue still remains, then either the CCU or the display will need to be replaced.
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