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What does the warning 0001 on the display of a GT250 mean?

Warning 0001 on the display

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The work instruction provided is meant for those who are qualified to work on the inverter. This means that they should know how to properly Lock out and Tag Out (LOTO) the inverter...,etc.

This is a firmware mismatch between the CCU and the front panel display. This does not interfere with the power production of the inverter in any way. It simply means that the CCU (system) software is older than the display software. Note: We can always have the latest display software, but not the latest CCU software. The reason is that the CCU software goes together with the available upgrades that the system has had in the past. If no upgrade was done to the inverter, then the CCU software can not be upgraded. Doing so will cause the inverter to fault and stop operating.
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