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PM8000 Meter Does not Trigger Waveform when Sag or Swell Occurs

The PM8000 meter is setup and configured via Vista to record sags and swells however a know sag has occurred however meter does not log the event or waveforms

PM8000 series

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert Vista or Designer, ION Setup

The PM8000 series meter has an extra setup register this is not linked to the default Vista page. By default, the sag/swell alarm is enabled however this can be changed from the front panel. Disabling the sag/swell alarm will disable the sag/swell "Enable' setup register. This setup register can disable the module even if the "Enable" input register is true.


Set the "Enable" setup register in the sag/swell module to true.
In Designer:
1) Navigate to the sag/swell module
2) With the toolbox open, double click on the sag/swell module
3) Select the Enable setup register and change to true

In Vista:
1) With the toolbox open, drag a new control object onto the page
2) Link this object to a setup register by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and clicking on the edit link
3) Navigate to the sag/swell module of the desired meter -> setup registers -> Enable

4) Use the control object to change the status of the Register to enable.

Front Panel of the meter
1. Navigate to Setup Menu > Alarm Setup
2. Press the edit button to access the enable/disable screen. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the available alarms. Simultaneously press the up and down arrow to enable or disable the highlighted alarm.
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