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What is the catalog number VCP1032?

Product Design features

Product Line: 
Canadian Homeline Load Centers

Load Center Value Packs

Parts Breakdown

The Catalog number VCP1032 is a Canadian Homeline load center Value Pack that inlcudes the below products:

1) Load Center catalog number CHOM1632M100GC (100amp, Main Breaker, 16spaces-32circuits, Indoor)
2) Quantity of 5 catalog number CHOMT1515 (1-pole, 15amp Tandem branch breaker)
3) Quantity of 1 catalog number CHOM215 (2pole, 15amp branch breaker)
4) Quantity of 1 catalog number CHOM230 (2pole, 30amp branch breaker)
5) Quantity of 1 catalog number CHOM240 (2pole, 40amp branch breaker)
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