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Why am I unable to add my Combox to Conext Insight?

Error when trying to add a Combox to Conext Insight: "The ComBox MAC ID and Serial Number combination seems to be invalid OR this Combox has not gone live yet

Adding a newly commissioned Combox to Conext Insight, and the MAC ID and Serial Number are correct.

Verify that the Combox has a connection to the Conext Insight Web Portal.  This would be denoted by a check mark in a green circle in the Web Portal Status line.  If not, verify that the TCP/IP settings are appropriate for the device in question.  The DNS server address should look like a normal network IP address, ie. or something appropriate for the network. After commissioning a Combox, wait at least 40 minutes and possibly up to 24 hours to add it to Conext Insight.

Information is not in the setup guide for Conext Insight.  The Combox needs time to initialize itself before it can be recognized by Conext Insight.  
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