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GS1DDU3, GS1DU3, or LK3DU3 Not Turning ON

Customer is having trouble turning their 30A disconnect switch ON.  When their switch is rotated clockwise, the switch does not make, or there is no continuity.  

Product Line:
IEC UL98 Disconnect Switches - GIC Product

Ut:S Product

Product Characteristics

These switches have 3 positions - TEST, OFF, ON.  The TEST marking on the handle is only available on the older devices or devices in which the test marking was specified (a majority of our handles do not have this marking). Often times, the issue is that the customer is inadvertently turning the handle from the TEST to the OFF position.  This can be confirmed by having the Customer turn the switch further in the clockwise direction.  There is a fair amount of mechanical resistance to this additional turn, so some force may be required.  For a detailed explanation of what is happening during installation, see the attached file.
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