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HOA and other similar operators with 8538 Combination Starters - Series K

What type of HOA operator should be used with an 8538S Combination Starter - Series K?

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The series K combination starter uses circular 30mm operators.  The 9999SC8 would be correct for this type of starter.  Older units used the rectangular switches such as the 9999SC2.  These older operators are not compatible with series K combination starters.

For other operators for the 8538 and 8539 combination starters select from the table below: 
All devices are class 9999 
Starter Type NEMA 1 KIT Pre-Series K NEMA 1 and 12/3R Kit Series K and Later
Red or green pilot light Push Button Selector Switch Red or Green Pilot Light Push Button Selector Switch
With form F4T (control transformer) Standard Start Stop On Off Hand Off Auto On Off 120V 60 Hz Start Stop OR On Off Hand Off Auto
type type type type type type type type type
SB,SC SP12R  SP12R SA2 SA10 SC2 SC22 SP28R # * (incandescent)
SPL28R (LED - red)
SPL28G (LED - green)
SA3  SC8
SG-SJ SP28R * SP28R * SA3 SA3 SC8 -

* - the coil voltage must be the same as the pilot light rating. The kit contains on 60 Hz red pilot light control unit 9001KP1R31 - 120V. For other voltages refer to 9001 type KP pilot lghts. 
# - Each pilot light kit contains one red and one green lens cap. 
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