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What transformers are impacted by the DOE 2016 efficiency requirement?

Included Transformers:
●Same Scope as 2010 DOE Ruling
●2500 KVA and Below
●Primary voltages up to 34.5KV
●Secondary voltages 600V and below

Excluded Transformers
2.K Rated Transformers
3.Drive (isolation) transformers
4.Grounding transformers
5.Machine-tool (control) transformers
6.Non-ventilated transformers
7.Rectifier transformers
8.Regulating transformers
9.Sealed transformers
10.Special-impedance transformers
11.Testing transformers
12.Transformer with tap range of 15 percent or more
13.Uninterruptible power supply transformers
14.Welding transformers
15.Step up Transformers
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