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How to force ION7550/7650 out of Test Mode?

ION7550/7650 will not exit Test Mode even after the message "Meter is now back in normal mode" appears in ION Setup.

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ION Setup

Test Mode is still Enabled

To force the meter out of Test Mode:
  1. Enter into Advanced ION Setup by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on the meter. The Modules should then populate the right side of the screen as shown.
  1. Select Ext Bool Modules in the left panel.
  1. Then double-click the Test Mode Enable module
  2. The output register Test Mode Enable controls whether the meter is in Test Setup.
  1. By holding the Shift key and clicking on the parameter, you can toggle the Test Mode Enable value between OFF and ON. To force the meter out of Test Mode, turn the enable OFF. The meter should now be in Normal Mode.
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