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What is the replacement for the 8501KF,8501KU,8501KP Series Relays?

What is the replacement for the 8501KF, 8501KU and 8501KP Series Relays?

Product Line:

General Purpose Plug-in Style Relays

The 8501KF, 8501KU and 8501KP have been obsoleted.

Schneider Electric is aligning agency certification and ratings for our general purpose plug-in relays in anticipation of the transition from UL508 to the new UL61810 standard. The new standard was created to combine the UL and IEC ratings. UL508 will be withdrawn and replaced with the UL61810.
The product performance will not change but the new UL rating necessitates part number changes. An "R" will be added to the original series and the ratings for the new 8501KFR, 8501KUR and 8501KPR series relays will be 10 A.

  • Obsolescence of the 6VAC, 6VDC, 48VAC and 125VDC versions
  • Obsolescence of the test button (M1) versions
  • Update to plastic cover from clear to frosted for marking clarity.
  • Change in relay base color from grey to black
  • The Series will be updated to series G for all remaining versions.


8501KP, 8501KPR, 8501KF, 8501KFR,8501KFD, 8501KFDR, 8501KU, 8501KUR, 8501KUD, 8501KUDR, 8501KP, 8501KPD, 8501KPR, 8501KPDR

Case subject

Plug-in Relay Obsolescence Product Notification

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