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What is the password for the Altivar Process 630 Demo Unit web server?

  Can not connect to the Web server on Altivar Process Demo Unit
 Product Line:
ATV600, ATV900 families
Can not connect to the web sever because the password does not match. 
admin is the user - case INsensitive
Default password is ADMIN (case sensitive)  all caps
The password has to be changed as soon as you log in
Our demo unit standardize on ADMIN123 for the password all caps
There is no master password or override password
If they lose the admin password will have to reset the web server from the drive keypad menu 8
Web server -  reset embeded password
Then it goes back to ADMIN
Be aware that this resets the whole web server, so any configurations and new users are deleted as well
It goes back to ADMIN
It's the configuration of the web server that's reset, not the drive 

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