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How to read data using DNP protocol on ION meters via EtherGate?

A user would like to setup a meter to speak DNP protocol and then read the data through another meter setup as an EtherGate.

Product Line
ION 7330, ION 7350, ION 75x0, ION 76x0, ION 7700, ION 8300, ION 8400, ION 8500, ION 86x0, ION 8800

ION Setup
PME 7.2.2, PME 8.0

The following procedure details how to configure an ION meter daisy-chained off of an ION meter whose COM port is set to EtherGate. This allows for any DNP Master to directly read the slave devices' DNP data via the EtherGate.
  1. Set master device protocol to EtherGate on desired COM port by following the below steps:
  • Add the master device to ION setup using the steps listed in chapter 4 of the ION setup user guide. A link to the ION Setup documentation is shown below:
  • Open setup assistant from the right pane of ION setup. 
  • Navigate to communications-->serial settings and select the com port desired. 
  • Change the CM# protocol to ethergate( where the # sign represent the com port selected)
  1. Set slave device protocol to ION on desired COM port in order to communicate to ION Setup/Power Monitoring Expert and view DNP Modules.
  2. Verify desired readings are represented by a DNP Slave Export Module in the slave device. The ION meters have standard pre configured DNP Slave Export Modules; these include Demand, Freq, I, I4, kVA, kVAh, kVAR, kVARh, kW, kWh, PF, Unbalance, Vll, and Vln.
  1. Configure the Setup Registers in the DNP Options Module in the slave device.
  • Specify the Comm Port of the slave device.
  • Specify the MasterIPAddr of the DNP master device.
NOTE: None and an empty string in the 'MasterIPAddr' field indicates that any IP address can connect to this session. The default is None.

  1. Once the configuration settings have been set (steps 1-4), the slave device protocol can be set to DNP.
  2. Close ION Setup or disable slave device (and site) in Power Monitoring Expert in order to disable the active connections. This is recommended because EtherGate only allows a single connection. Refer to Knowledge base article FA212335 for more information.
In order to verify that the DNP setup is functional, a DNP Master Communications Software can be downloaded to read the slave data.
For example, FA222368 details how to setup ProTester DNP Master.
Note: When configuring the connection settings, change the Destination Port from 20000 to 7801 or 7802 (depending on the master COM port being used).

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