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How many Server TCPIP connections can the M1E simultaneously have?

Server Paths:
The M1 Ethernet controller supports 16 simultaneous server paths for receiving MODBUS commands initiated by other Ethernet clients.  At the end of scan, all data slave paths that contain a MODBUS command are checked by the PLC command handler.
If a server path is connected to a data access client, which has not sent any new MODBUS command during the last 10 seconds, then that connection is automatically broken.
The M1 Ethernet will not allow more than 14 simultaneous data connections.  This reserves 2 server paths for connection to the two program ports.  Therefore, the M1 Ethernet PLC can support 2 simultaneous programming sessions, reading power-flow, over the Ethernet.  However, only one of these sessions can be logged in, with full write privilege.
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